Thursday, February 16, 2006



Someone mentioned PMA to me this morning - a phrase I hadn't heard for some time - not since the days of 6:00 am starts on the river.

Things have been tough recently - too much on at work, finding running and rugby hard due to some tendonitus in my Achilles and generally feeling like I'm not on top of things. That's going to change. PMA is the name of the game. If I don't think it will change it is almost certainly not going to. Organisation and mobilisation are the way forwards for. To such an extent - I am going to go for a jog on the way home from work - give the ankle a gentle work out.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Good game, good game

After a gentle weekend recovering from increased milage last week things have been going well on the exercise front this week.

Just got back from 5-a-side (usually 6 but stuggling to get numbers due to summer hols). Hard work and very close considering we were playing without a natural striker. Yesterday went for almost 2 laps of tRP. A long first lap but cut accross the bridge through the rose garden and across to the avenue and back up and round to the end. Running for about 40 minutes. Got very hot but good to be increasing the distance. Going to get a speed or hill session in later in the week. Think it should be Thursday if I'm planning to play on Saturday.

Tonight should be rugby training. Curretnly munching through a large pot of pasta to try and rebuild some energy. We'll see how things hold up. Feeling fairly tired right now but hey - need to get a game.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Two weeks off

Well - two weeks holiday and not a single run. Feel quite ready to get back to it now though and some motivation from the pounds that I've added.

First day back and I went for a trot around the park. Hot day - some lovely sightseeing on the way. Feel better for it now but legs sluggish all the way. Build a base this week and step up again next week to a reasonable level of effort. The season is soon to begin!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Now we're cooking

Not sure about training tonight - just ran around for over an hour like a headless chicken - not sure I'll be able to walk home. Anyway - better get an application form for a position that's come up at work. Think I'm second in line but am on hols next week so better get it in now. After all - you've got to be in it to win it.


To the top, and beyond....

Well, continuing the running theme, a quick run around the park with an excursion to Primrose Hill went well on Thursday. Friday saw a gentle trot to the bottom of the hill and then 4 slogs up the side. Takes about a minute to run from the mile post on the flat at the bottom of the hil to the observation area. Sure it will come down but I was struggling still after a gruelling game of footy and rugby training on Tuesday.

Weekend was fun - swim with the little ones, outing to the park (Fruitstock), outing to the slide, watched Mary Poppins - all good familly fun.

Yesterday caught the train to Cambridge for a meeting. Good day. No running though (although I did cycle down to KX and back - in a suit...)

Fottball again today. Possibly rugby. But now - to work. Due down the road in 10 minutes time.

Shuttle still up - delayed landing apparently. Some worrying developments on Friday from Blair regarding extending powers to control outspoken groups in the UK. We'll see. It seems to me though tha the UK is slipping down a very slippery slope at an alarming rate. Maybe it's time to get political.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Dedicated to Dan

So, 6 months flashes by in the blink of an eye...

What have I been doing that's been so important I didn't have time to blog at least a couple of times? Well, therein lies the problem. I still find that I have very little to say to the "big bad world". For a while there (and I grant you, it was a short while) it was a kind of running log. Perhaps this should be its purpose. A chance to share some of the highs and lows of a casual runner who just wants to remain fit enough to stay healthy and have fun with his family and friends.

As it happens, I am currently struggling with the question of whether I should apply for a place in next years London Marathon. I've done a couple in the past but the last is now disappearing over the horizon as I glance in the rear view mirror. I don't feel I have ever achieved my full potential at this distance. But... with a young family (and include S in that description)... should I be aiming to go out to better myself when the impact on our time together may be significant?

Rugby training has started for me (and for the rest of the gang a few weeks ago). Tough session last night on top of five-a-side at lunch time. Legs didn't like it when I asked them to walk up stairs last night when I got in.

So run today was a trot through the roses in Regent's Park. Very pleasant, sunny and a few roses left to look at. Planning to go to "The Top" tomorrow with a more intensive work out on Friday - 300s round the running track or some hill climbs at Primrose Hill.

Monday, January 31, 2005


Turned over

The game we were meant to win - plop! They had solid defense and a centre who ran through our backs like they were not there. He was Trevor Leota's little brother but even so - embarrassing. They were very organised defensively - tight round the fringe and up very quickly to close down the back line. We were very effectively shut out of the game - a lesson in the power of good quick tackling and protecting the gain line. Had a few beers after - good to be out for a few. Staggered home, Chinese in hand.

Sunday... slow start. Spent a lot of the morning with P as B was having a snooze. After lunch S went out and P went for a snooze so spent time with B. The boy is lots of fun! Spent an hour watching football on TV in different positions - on the sofa, under the sofa, in the sofa... P, B and I then went out for a walk and P spent her money on a Flake which she enjoyed (part of) after her tea. B was lucky enough to be given a crumb.

So the week to come... need to get this investment proposal sorted. That means understanding the costs which means talking to a few people. Best get on it. Hoping to pick up a parcel that arrived from Amazon today. I think it will have some exciting things in it. Maybe a game of footy on Tuesday. Need to get some things in my diary!

Friday, January 28, 2005


The End

of the week. And not a moment too soon!

Had a great curry last night from Cafe Indiya on Regent's Park Road (Primrose Hill). Had been looking forwards to watching Farenheit 9/11 on TV last night but was so sleepy that I only caught the first half. Interesting stuff - although I was not as drawn in by this as I had been by Bowling for Columbine. (Talking of Primrose Hill, there's a great little French place called Odette's on the same road. Had dinner there last Friday - just the two of us. Going back next week I think with friends.)

Game tomorrow against Grasshoppers away. I think we will win - I played them last season and don't remember that they were anything special. We'll see - I'm feeling a little under the weather today but expect a good night's sleep will see off anything that may be thinking about dragging me down. (That and the massive portion of SpagBol I had for lunch from Warren's on Warren Street.)

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